Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is YZI?

Young Zone India is a platform for For the Young, and the Young at Heart Artist of all kind

2) When YZI Kickstarted?

Young Zone India was kickstarted in May 2017. The company is registered and legally established in September 2019 as YZI Productions Private Limited.

3) Who has started YZI?

YZI was kickstarted by Young Personalities from different streams who came together for one purpose - 'Motivating artists & providing them with a platform to fulfill their passion'

4) What does YZI denote?

YZI - Young Zone India denotes what the young people of India did, are doing & should do in performing arts, social and cultural activities by implementing creative trends in lifestyle to help mankind.

5) What does YZI do?

YZI atarted with ​Arts & Entertainment. YZI has produced short films, music albums and web-series wherein they have given an opportunity for the aspiring actors & artists to perform.​

6) Does YZI organizes events?

YZI has organized Stand-up Comedy events, Live Music events & Private shows wherein individuals get to work live as a team & get blended into business at the same time.

7) What Other Services YZI Provides?

YZI provides Digital Marketing services with Commercial Branding, Promotions, Audio Visual Ads,

8) Does YZI provides Photography and Event Management?

YZI provides All types of photography/videography and event management services 

We are also working on Corporate tourism services, and Organizing Corporate Social Responsibilities.

9) What Outcome does YZI produce?

Not all of the YZI’ans are going to be a great artist but we are helping them grow as human beings, they will learn life-skills, will find the great network and become real social Indian.

10) What is the objective of YZI?

At YZI we have twin objectives of personality building and nation-building, i.e. developing the personality of youth and involving them in various social and nation-building activities.

11) Given a choice between scarcity and abundance, what would you choose? 

Ridiculous question, right? Scarcity is an impediment to progress and evokes a feeling of hopelessness and uncertainty. Abundance, on the other hand, gives you hope, an advantage, a sense of security. Not only about scarcity or abundance of resources. 

(Iceland, underdog heroes at the 2016 Football World Cup, ranks 21 in the Fifa World Ranking. It has a population of 332,529. India, 135th on the Fifa list, has 1,293,057,000 people and has never qualified to the World Cup finals. In the real world, a unit with scarce resources managed well can outperform or match an abundantly resourced unit badly managed. In economics, this is called the ‘resource curse’ or the ‘paradox of plenty’.)

So….It depends, do you have the will and the vision to do that? @ YZI we work on that will and the Vision