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"Young Zone India" -  

Young Zone India (YZI) is for For the Young, and the Young at Heart

Best for the 15-29 years of youth... and 

Greatest for the vibrant and dynamic young heart personalities..age? no-bar.

YZI is the platform for the youthful outlooks and passionate Artists within. 

YZI is a playground to evolve and innovation artist within you.

YZI is the place for art, events, entertainment, social activities, and many others

YZI is the place to learn, teach, and experience new things

YZI is the network of artists to connect with like-minded people

@ YZI we believe it is nice to Learn (get), Try (act) and contribute (give)

@ YZI we provide an opportunity to work, perform and showcase your art and skills.

@ YZI we trust in creating an opportunity and an environment to give the young Indian every chance to succeed.

YZI’ans is a group of passionate artists of all kinds who showcase their talent. 

YZI’ans believes that India has strength having the best youth around the world; 

…….and YZI is a platform to challenge, motivate and sharpen the skills to fulfil the passion.

Join us, be a volunteer, learn, participate, get feedback, showcase art, increase following, and become a pro. Be a YZI’an

YZI is for the Artists, Actors, Designers, Photographers, Cinematographers, Singers, Musicians, Dancers, Writers, Freestylers, Magicians and many more, this is a forum to get an opportunity for talent, A place to get noticed and become recognised!

...so why wait? let us join together, and become a YZI’an !! 



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Young Zone India

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